September 01, 2013

Satyagraha movie review

Janata Rocks!

Yes they do..!!

Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha shows to us once again that Janata Rocks, but what happens if that Janata is not lead in the right path and why it is difficult to sustain a Satyagraha.
‘Satyagraha’ is a great effort from director Prakash Jha. He delivers what is expected from the maker of Gangajal, Rajneeti  and Aarakshan.

It is a story of how a retired school master, who sticks on to his principles, will lead a movement with the help of a hard core ‘dilliwala’ business man. It also shows us how different people get attached to the movement, and how it becomes difficult to sustain the flow. The wonderful thing about prakash Jha and his ‘Satyagraha’ is that it sticks to reality throughout. Nowhere in the film have you felt that the scenes are being overdone or misleading.

Ajay Devgan as usual rocks.  Kareena has got a great role and she suits it perfectly, she throws in the right kind of attitude and also emotions. Manoj bajpayee, of course is a born actor, and he effortlessly fits into the negative role. And of all Big B makes his presence feel all over. Who else can take his place!! This does not make the cast perfect, there are some miscasts as well, especially Amrita, who plays ‘Sumi’ is a doll and nothing else, in no scene can she show any kind of expressions on her face. Arjun Rampal usually does a good job, and in this too he does, but the role he plays is not upto the mark, and one would feel he is not apt for it.

The music of the film is an added advantage to the story, direction and actors. Apart from some miscasts and a few loose shots here and there, it is one of those few Bollywood movies that talk of and stick to reality. To show both rise and fall of a movement it takes a lot of effort and mettle and definitely jha has it.

Whether the film is based on ‘Anna’ or ‘Kejriwal’ it is a film worth watching for the feeling that it churns in you.


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