December 31, 2012

Chinese Zodiac (CZ12) movie review

After watching the film CZ12 (Chinese Zodiac 12) one has to agree again that Jackie Chan is a master of entertainment. The movie starts with a creative fight where JC (Jackie Chan) wears a suit with skate wheels, maneuvering under the jeeps, trucks, over the road side walls and inside the tunnels. The movie gets you involved here and the fast pace with which this action sequence proceeds is continued till the end of the movie.

    In CZ12, JC is not alone. He has a team of expert fighters and uses various gadgets to get his job done. First half of the movie is a mix of a loads of comedy and a few action scenes. Comedy sequences were so funny that the entire theater bursted out laughing loud and you are allowed to relax only during the interval break. Jackie Chan looks aged, was a bit slower in his moves at a few places; though not as creative as in his earlier movies, he managed to choreograph some good fights and remains successful in entertaining the crowd. Second half becomes a bit more serious with a lot of fights, some serious concerns, a light touch of emotions and less fun. If you are into action movies, then you can have fun across the movie length.

December 29, 2012

Chung Wah Restaurant

Chung wah is a chain of chinese food restaurants in Bangalore. They have their presence in almost all the areas of Bengaluru.

    Not only chinese, they also serve other asian flavours like thai, korean and singaporean. The experience in chung wah is unique from the usual chinese food we get, with their wide range of soups, starters and main course.

    For main course they have in their menu varied forms of rice and noodles. Rice comes in combination of a variety of gravies and curries cooked in different styles right from chinese to thai, singaporian and mexican. And all these served either with vegetables or chicken or lamb. They also serve plain steamed rice and you can combine it with any of the gravies and curries. So, there is a lots of choice to choose from. Fujian Rice is my one favourite dish, which comes with rice blended with egg and served with hot gravy, mushrooms, softly cooked chicken and other chinese herbs and spices. Hot and sour soup unlike in other places is not too spicy. They just have the perfect blend of the sourness and spiciness served at the right temperature will be a good treat to your taste buds.

December 27, 2012

Life of Pi movie review

    You don't just watch this movie, you live it” - Peter Travers

    Life of Pi is a Hollywood movie directed by Ang Lee made in Indian context, based on a book written by Yan Martel. It narrates to us the story of a boy named after a french swimming pool, who gets caught in a storm along with a tiger on a life boat and survives it because of his tenacity.

    The movie throughout seems to be an Indian cinema shot in English. This feeling may be attributed to Indian actors, easily understandable dialect, simple dialogues and of-course the emotions it arouses in ones heart.

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December 25, 2012

Rise of the Guardians movie review

Who are the Guardians, whom do they guard and from what?
    They guard the children of the world from fear and despair. They are there to spread happiness everywhere. Who else could have done it except for the friends of children - the very amicable Santa clause, amazing Ester bunny, sweet little tooth fairy, Dreamy - super cute Sand man and the hero Snowman John frost! But it is with the help of the children that they achieve this. How nice, isn't it?

    What a lovely group of angels to defend the wonder, hope, dreams, memories and belief! And what a beautiful way of unfolding the story!!

Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum movie review

An interesting title. An interesting combination of hero and director! But phew...this falls into yet another disappointing telugu movie.

    The director krish who has to his credit two good movies like gamyam and vedam, has made a below par effort in making a film on social issues. He aspired to deal with two different issues and wanted to run them both parallel to each other; but he ended up not doing justice to either of them. That may be because he did not do enough research into the problem, all he has is an overview and that was not enough to make the script great.

December 04, 2012

Damarukam Movie review

Damarukam is a socio – fantasy film from telugu cinema industry after a long time. So, it is with some amount of expectations of being entertained that one would go to watch this movie. What would a socio fantasy promises to deliver? Some magic, good music, a super hero, a very beautiful heroine, a powerful villain and above all lots of entertainment. Yet ‘Damarukam’ fails on all these fronts!

    The story is lame without any interesting twists or turns. The villain delivers some good dialouges but they are very few and at other times he does not seem to be making an impression! The character lacks wit. The Rakshasudu/Mantrikudu that we are used to see in all our good old janapada cinemalu will make villain of Damarukam even more placid.

   Even Nagarjuna is not very impressive, neither is his character in the movie. Anushka’s job is to just look beautiful, which she does but without the least traces of any acting skills. I wonder if this is the same lady who carried so well the character of Arundhathi! Prakash Raj as lord Shiva gives a good performance, though it is not of much use. His makeup is weird and does not carry that heavenly look.

December 02, 2012

Talaash movie review

It is with lots of expectations that a movie like Talaash would be watched, not just because it was amirkhan productions but because it has its name associated with farhan akhthar and anurag kashyap as dialouge writers, zoya akhthar as a co story and screenplay writer! And ofcourse it has stars like amir khan, rani, kareena, naawazuddin siddiqui.....all these along with interesting trailers will make everyone wanting to watch the movie.

    But alas, I must say all that talent has not helped 'Talaash" to be a great movie. its just about okay.