October 19, 2012

Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu movie review

Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu the name suggests that it’s the story of the duo who are media representatives and do efforts to expose untold stories and the underlying truths. But, the movie is nothing about journalism; it is about ‘Pawan Kalyan’ as Rambabu The hero, The savior, The God!

   “Rambabu Devudayya, Devudu” and so he is!! He need not abide by any logic, he doesn’t have to respect anyone, he can do wonders effortlessly, he can take bullets without pain and beat up as many goons as the villain gets (this is ofcourse the common ability of all our heroes), and sorry this is not the end of the miracles he can do, he can even become a top notch TV journalist without even knowing ABCs of Journalism, within a matter of days! Just because he speaks nonsense and he slaps people at his will. And the director guards him so carefully that for whatever he asks, the other characters always fail to answer. Most of the times they speak without brains and without thinking, so it is always easy for our ‘Rambabu’ to expose them.

   Cameraman Ganga in the title represents a lady, a camerawoman introduced to be doing good in her career. And Rambabu continuously ridicules her. Ganga in the hands of our director behaves in a way that helps Rambabu to establish that she is a fool. Neither the hero nor the director has any respect towards Women especially so if the woman is accomplished. Otherwise I do not find any reason in the way the female lead is characterized. The reason given as to why she is called cameraman Ganga instead of camerawoman Ganga is to show that she is not less than her male colleagues! This shows how na├»ve their understanding is of Gender issues. In another scene he makes fun of ‘Feminism’ & I doubt if they even know what it means.

   Coming back to Rambabu, This new journalist literally rules the whole of media!! And motivates and mobilizes the whole of the state. What more? He also organizes that huge crowd in a manner comparable to a trained army. He takes a step they take a step, he takes two they take two…. how wonderful! You have to watch it. The director might have wanted to, and probably even thought he has shown the heroism of media and the power of people. But alas, what he actually has put up on screen is only ‘Pawan kalyan’.

   The director somehow assumed that the ruling party is spotless and dedicated, where as the opposition is totally corrupted. May be because it is convenient for his story. He has made many such ‘convenience adjustments’ the worst one being the thoughtlessness of the villain. He never seems to be thinking before taking any step or has any logical base for any of his moves. Oh yes, he has logic; it is to make the work of our Hero Rambabu easier.

   Tamanna as Ganga tries to carry some attitude to show off that she is a media personnel. And she completely fails. She looks uncomfortable and weird throughout. Even Pawan kalyan’s dialogue delivery during his long speeches was not powerful enough. But one thing still remains to be appreciated, the support cast. Everybody except the lead pair are good performers, and the director failed to use any of their performances. The songs are nothing much to speak of for their lyrics or even music. And all the songs are ‘un’ situational as is usual in Puri jagannadh’s films.

   After watching this movie, I would think twice before going to another ‘Puri’ film.
But what’s amazing is, the huge crowd Pawan kalyan can pull even for a morning show on a working day!

Watch the movie if you are a hardcore Pawan fan.


  1. I dont understand why did you even think of going to this movie. I am sorry if there are any pawan kalyan's fans, but his movies are plain irritating.
    Do you seriously think ruling party is portrayed good for story....they can change stories in seconds :). I think its because Praja Rajyam merged with Congress :).