April 08, 2013

Badshah Movie review

    Badshah, Yet another Srinu vaitla comedy. Starting with Dhee, Srinu has given us some real good reasons to laugh and giggle. Now his latest movie Badshah definitely is also a mass entertainer but differs from his Previous films in the sense that the agenda slightly shifts from complete comedy to some hero worship! His last film Dookudu also shows these traits, but now Badshah takes it to the peaks! Nevertheless it still retains some Srinu mark dialogues and situations that makes the film worthy of a try.

    If you look at the story line this one looks like a sequel of dookudu inspired by Pokiri! One can see that Srinu's presence is being felt lesser and lesser film after film. This shows how hero centric are our movies!! the director did not try to adopt the hero to the character. He did it vice versa and that makes the movie a Jr.NTR overdose. And of course again and again he keeps mimicking and talking of NTR. Looks like Jr after all cannot prove himself without a reference to his Grand Pa! What a pity!! A talented guy he is.....and all that talent he uses to be like his Sr.

    The songs in the movie, like in any other Srinu's film are just okay. With a good beat and average lyrics they keep interrupting the flow at regular intervals. The item song 'Welcome' is a better one compared to the recent item numbers in telugu movies. Even if its Lyrics doesn't make much sense, they are not even as vulgar as its counterparts. The most important that has to be talked about is the effort Jr.NTR has put in for the dances. Every song features a difficult and entertaining dance movement. And the audience acknowledge it.

    Overall the movie is a 'not to put your brain into' type of comedy. People who doesn't mind a NTR worship (Jr &Sr) can watch the movie. And of course one shouldn't even bother about the first few scenes that establish the Heroine as a complete fool if they want to watch Telugu movies and its a thumb rule!!

    The response from the audience in the movie hall tells me “Yes, telugu audience really have forgot what a clean comedy means” may be now its time films like Missamma, Appuchesi pappu kudu, mayabazaar etc... are released again. Just to remind everyone what a joke sounds like and how an entertainer feels like.


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