January 27, 2013

Race 2 movie review

Race 2 movie continues from where it had left in Race and is a grand display of money. Movie starts with the blast of a luxury yellow car and the mind race thus begins. First half of the movie is about setting the context, displaying the prize money and making the plans, while the second half of the movie is more about implementing the core plans and getting the pleasure out of the revenge.

    In Race 2, either be it the hero or heroines or the villian, the theme revolves around each one of them thinking that they are one who is most clever of the lot, they are the one who is playing the game with others, show courtesy towards the audience in explaining their plots in a detailed manner assuming that they might not understand their very clever tricks and the director gives his full support to turn this into a reality. It is a mostly "I know, he knows, i know" treatment between 4 to 5 characters.

    The story writer tries hard to make it more logical, yet it ends up being more superhero like movie, where the main actors easily achieve the most impossible of the things without much groundwork or effort. Some of these impossible feats include robbing a very rich casino owner or duping the main villain of billions of dollars just with a switch of the storage, fixing the very costly card game rounds or fixing the horse races, theft of the holy shroud from a very secure church in italy - though at first thought this seems to be a very difficult task to achieve, saif makes it look the simplest thing to do, just like buying a tickets for the race 2 movie on the first day;

    Some of the highlights of the movie are the actions packed chases, the beautiful ladies, the lavish lifestyle, the very fashionable Men's costumes, the grandeur of planning, ultra luxury cars and the deals happenings at the level of hundreds of millions. Songs are good with dance beats and well done choreography. Atif aslam is back to bollywood after a what seems to be a long break.

    In the process of setting up the context and adding strength to the logic, some items appear out of context, just like the title song, which is choreographed for the end titles, which suddenly appears in the middle of the movie where a song is not asked for. So does the John abraham's fight with typhoon, which seems to be not in the context and was just included so that John could get more points by impressing otherwise unimpressed audience, with his body doing the talking. The fight nonetheless wasn't sequenced well enough, to make it look like a believable fight and ends in the win of the popular chosen one, as usual. The locations around turkey, chasing on foot sequences appear very similar to those in Ek tha tiger.

    Saif ali khan did a decent job in continuing what he was doing in the first version of this movie. John abraham is a mis-cast, where the character is expected to be mean, cunning, ultra intelligent, intimidating for the people who mess with him. Akshay khanna in the prequel of this movie, was a perfect fit for such a role with his cunning smile, good acting skills which make the intelligent planning that is believable  Deepika padukone preffered to execute by putting her bet more on beauty than on acting skills. Amisha patel appears on screen after a long time, but choses to re-enter with a less meatier role, but seems to be a better fit for the dumb PA role, than sameera reddy. Jacqueline Fernandez though beautiful appears to be dumb, yet she thinks she is very clever, just like john abraham. Anil kapoor, who had a better invesgating track in Race, was restricted to just being a messenger for the hero and for sharing some vulgar fruit jokes with amisha, in Race 2.

    If you truly believe in bollywood heroism and want to have a action packed luxury criss cross ride, then this movie is for you.

    If you are interested in mind bending logic, meaningful coincidences and believable characters, then you should spend as lesser money as you could in watching this one. It is not worth big Bucks!


  1. Good quick paced movie - wholesome entertainment - specially if you dont go into the movie hall with too many expectations. One tip though - dont move away from your seat for any reason during the movie - the plot has too many twists and turns and somersaults all the way - even if some of them are predictable. All in all well-made Abbas-Mustan flick.