February 13, 2013

Special 26 Movie review

Its been a long time that I came out of the theater so happy! The film just makes you forget everything else and entertains you thoroughly…and that too, while maintaining tempo and logic through out.
Well, looks like Akshay kumar along with his routine ‘formula’ movies is catching up with some good stories too!
Special 26 is a movie inspired by real incidents that happened way back in 1980’s. The movie deals with fraud, intelligent fraud that demands ‘pakka’ planning and guts to implement it. It is about a group of such people who are absolutely disciplined, bold and having immense faith in their plan and of-course in each other. What is commendable is that director Neeraj Pandey has a grip over the story he is telling us and the he does not loose the grip on narration until the end titles! To tell a real life story on reel is not always easy, especially so when it involves top notch names like CBI, Mumbai police, politicians, business men etc.. It is a great feat performed well by the writer cum director Neeraj.

One more thing to be noted is the effort the team has taken to suit the locations and settings to suit the time period. They have taken special care in showing all the oldie bikes and cars and buildings to set the mood of eighties.
All the actors performed very well, but a special mention goes to Manoj bajpayee who lives his role. After her many good roles in Telugu and Tamil films one might be disappointed to see Kajal Agarwal doing nothing except looking beautiful. The director is definitely very talented, to have dealt with that subject in a lighter vein and yet none of the characters loses their seriousness.
The songs, though unnecessary and interrupting are good. Easy and meaningful lyrics penned down by Irshad Kamil and M M Keeravani's music, make a great combination.
This movie is a complete entertainer and you will want more of it. A must watch for all the movie lovers who want to watch a heist drama that has sense and comedy that’s not made up. So, go and find out who the special chabbis are and what are they up to.


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