January 02, 2013

Meghana Biriyani, Bangalore

Meghana Biryani, Koramangala will be the sure shot destination for any Biryani lover in Bangalore. Being from Hyderabad I Love eating the aromatic, spicy, hot, beautiful Chicken Biryani.

    In Hyderabad one can see a lot of food points and at-least 70 percent of them serve tasty Biryani. That is not the case in Bangalore, I have tried Biryani in many places in Bangalore but was never satisfied. Either they make it too spicy or it lacks the aroma or its overcooked! Being a foody, and a fan of chicken Biryani I started looking out for more places and finally found Meghana. After hearing so much about this place I was still skeptical as to the taste but I am happy to say that Meghana serves the best Biryani in Bangalore!

    This is a small place in a busy street of Koramangala 5th block. It is right opposite California Pizza kitchen and is very near to the Forum mall. It is a busy place and is always full. They have good amount of seating capacity, but there are always people standing out, waiting for their turn.

    The Menu has many options like Veg, Prawns, Fish etc.. but chicken is the most popular. The service is jet fast. The starters are also tasty. Chicken is hot, fresh and cooked perfectly. It might be a little spicy for those who are not familiar with Andhra cuisine.

    The place lacks on ambiance and it is a little congested. So this will not make for a good place to dine in if you are looking for a hangout. But if your agenda is to have a heavy, tasty meal you can try this place. Though there is waiting, the line keeps moving pretty fast. Take away is a great option with Meghana. They also do home delivery in and around Koramangala. For one person a complete meal would cost from Rs200 to Rs300. So, next time when you think of Biryani do not forget Meghana. And do remember to have the thanda meetha pan from the pan shop that is attached to the restaurant. A great finish for a perfect meal.