January 20, 2013

Naayak telugu movie review

Naayak is for all those Ram charan Fans, who enjoy seeing him as a super hero. The opening of the movie is good, with a comedy track going on between the hero, heroine and her family. The first half of the movie is light and just flows through with occasional foreign locale song sequences. Just before the interval there is a twist showing a different angle of Ram charan.

    Second half goes into the flash back justifying the second angle. This part is rather boring and drags on with very elaborate fights. And as usual the hero accomplishes all the tasks and then lives happily ever after.

    Plot revolves around a common man who faces problems and then becomes a hero for the down trodden. But this movie has a little addition in the form of a double role.

    Jokes, though a few, are timely and dialogues have punch. Thaman's music is not very impressive, yet choreography for the songs is good. The remix of chiranjeevi's hit song “subhalekha rasukunna” is not as good as the original score, the fast pace of the song suppressed the beauty of its lyrics. The Fight sequences are elaborate and loud with all the blasting, shouting, and many many weapons; not to mention the heroic stunts amidst many villains, hundreds of them!
    Bramhanandam plays a cameo role which stereotypical. Jaya prakash reddy as Kajal's paternal uncle plays a comedy goon which is fun to watch. Kajal Agarwal and Amala paul are limited to songs.

    To conclude, it is a movie for all those Hard core Ram charan fans. If you are not one, then it is not worth spending big bucks for this movie in a multiplex.


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